St Bartholomew’s school, in Haslemere, approached me to design a Certificate of Responsibility for them to be able to print out themselves and add the children’s names. They had a clear idea of what the design would be so this project was really about creating an easy method for them to edit the certificate and print on their own printer. I created a Word template with the image as a background and they were able type over the top.



We used to go to Godalming United Church Toddler Group on Wednesdays and I offered to help out with a poster to promote a Table Top Sale that they were holding. The proceeds from the stalls were to go towards charity and a treat for the children, farm animals being brought in. The brief was that is was going to be photocopied so needed to be in black and white and not use too much ink!

Table top sale

They were really pleased with the result and the children loved the animals.

They also asked me to provide a poster to promote the playgroup locally. I used a typographic style for this as there was a lot of information to include and I wanted maximum impact from a distance.





A friend set up a Christmas wreath-making workshop and asked for a poster to promote it. I was keen to use a photo of one of her wreaths so people could see what they would be making. I then chose a hand-drawn style for the type to reflect the handmade nature of the project.

Christmas Wreath Workshop

She did a really good job of promoting the workshop and put up posters all over Godalming.

poster in situ

The workshop was a success. All the foliage and flowers were fresh from Covent Garden Market and I learned that all the materials should be put in groups of three for maximum impact. Here is my Christmas wreath.




As I had worked on the previous Pantomime images for Watford Palace, my former colleagues at Cog Design got in touch with me to work on a new image for Mother Goose. It was a great project to work on. The final illustration was completed by Cog Design. Here is my involvement and how my part in the illustration process developed.

Mother Goose stage 1

Mother Goose stage 1

Mother Goose stage 3

Mother Goose stage 3

Mother Goose stage 5

Mother Goose stage 5



GodalmingParents is an online forum set up for local parents to exchange information. They wanted a friendly image that captured the welcoming nature of parents in Godalming. I created an illustration based on the Pepperpot, an iconic building in Godalming.

Godalming Parents

I then translated this illustration into a poster and a leaflet.

Godalmingparents poster


Living Breathing Code are a contracting software company. They contacted me for a logo that could be applied to stationery and appear in their emails. I chose a clean, modern style to reflect the name of the company. I supplied three initial designs and, working with the client, we chose this version.

LBC logo


I then created style guidelines to show the client with how the logo is best positioned and sized.

LBC guidelines

They were really pleased with the result and have recommended me to other companies should they need an identity too.