Knitted beanies

two beanies

I have caught the knitting bug! After my shawl, I was looking for another knitting project and decided to knit a slouch beanie (despite it being July!).

I thought I would start simple and loved the pattern Simple slouch hat by Robyn Devine. I had a ball of leftover wool from the shawl and circular needles, so I made a start. It is a great pattern for beginners as it only uses one set of needles and is all done in knit stitch.

My head is large, so I cast on some extra stitches. At the start, I thought the hat was going to be too small but it ended up being big, even for me. I think I can get away with it, as long as I don’t move my head too much!

Here is the final result:

hat 1


Having finished the first beanie, I got knitting withdrawal symptoms so immediately started a second. I was feeling more ambitious, so thought I would give another pattern a go. I chose Moss/seed stitch slouch hat by Debs Harding.

I wanted to use the same wool and needles as the first beanie, so I cast on the number of stitches the first pattern specified. This turned out to be a mistake!

It looked small when I started but the first beanie did too, so I thought it would be fine. I did the cable section and started the moss stitch and it became obvious that I had made it child size! I love the effect of moss stitch, and found saying “Knit, Purl, Knit, Purl” very hypnotic! Luckily the hat was now the perfect size for my son.


Here is the final result (my son had been to a school fete and had his face painted as a dragon, this isn’t normal!):

hat 2


One day I will learn how to decipher the first part of the knitting pattern and make something the right size (but probably not for a while!). We love our hats, so I consider the projects a success anyway.

Thanks for reading.