Embroidered flower hoop


My Mum was the sewing lady at primary school. She taught us basic embroidery stitches and how to cross stitch. I went through a cross stitch phase when I was a teenager but have only done the odd bits and pieces of embroidery.

As it was my Mum’s birthday on Wednesday, I had the last minute idea to make a “thing” for her.

I love Jane Foster’s designs and particularly liked Scandinavian pretty flower print, so based my design on that.

Firstly I sketched out my design on a Post-it note, then I raided my cupboard to see what scraps of fabric and felt I could find.




I tried laying out a few variations and, having decided, cut out the pieces that I needed. I sewed the button in the middle first, to make sure everything stayed in place.


I then used a combination of running stitch, backstitch and blanket stitch, until it looked full. I used Everything Alice: The wonderland book of makes by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech for reference and stitch inspiration.

in progress

This was the final result and Mum was really pleased with it:

final hoop

Thanks for reading