Crocheted giraffe

finished giraffe

I started this crocheted giraffe six months ago but, having got sidetracked with other projects, just finished it.

After completing the crocheted blanket, I wanted to try following a crochet pattern. I’m not a huge fan of woollen stuffed toys but found a book I really liked – “Crocheted wild animals” by Vanessa Mooncie. I chose the giraffe as I had leftover yellow wool from the blanket.


I soon found that following a pattern was considerably more complicated than granny squares! I ended up with a small wooden peg to mark the start of my row and devised a system to keep track of where I was. I jotted down the number of rows that I needed on a post-it and marked them off after I had completed them. I also had to count the number of stitches in the round (as the peg wasn’t all that accurate), so had to hide away from my husband and son to make sure I didn’t lose count!

I had to make the body twice as I joined it up on the wrong side and ended up with a seam. Unfortunately I did this the second time as well so I turned it inside out!


Once I had made all the separate elements, sewn them together and stuffed them, I made the markings.


I then embroidered a face onto him.


My son gave him a rigorous inspection..


…and then insisted on taking him to the playground.


He now has prime position in his bed with sock monkey.

Thanks for reading.