Third birthday farm party

pig racing

Now that I am getting the hang of this blogging business, I thought it was time to do a proper post about the farm party for my son’s third birthday.

We decided to go to Bocketts farm for his third birthday, as it always makes a good day out. Also, they organise everything so all I needed was the cake and party bags.

On their website, they had a picture of a pig in a party hat and that became the focus of the invitations and cake decorations. I have started accumulating Washi tape, so used some of it on the invitations. My son loves Charlie and Lola, so I used some of his stickers on the invitations. I decided to make them a circle folded into a semi circle, just because I felt like it really (obviously if this had been for a client there would have been a very good reason!).

Third Birthday Invitation

My son’s requirements for his cake were that is was pink and that it was a cake! I followed the animals in hats theme and added tiny hats to plastic farm animals (it did cross my mind that I may have too much spare time!).

animals in party hats

As the cake needed to feed 20, I made it into a four layer cake and dyed two of the layers pink to make it stripy inside. Here is the final result:


I also made some cake pops, covered in white chocolate, to keep everyone going until lunchtime.

cake pops

The party guests fed big animals, stroked small animals, watched pig racing, rode on a tractor trailer and went home happy, so overall a success.

Thanks for reading.