Organising my craft supplies

ribbon closeup

I have a tendency to get a little carried away in craft shops. I go in with one project in mind and come away with materials for two more! I also have a tendency to flit from one kind of project to another, the result being I have a lot of craft supplies dotted about.

I dream of a whole room dedicated to my hobbies, with rolls of wrapping paper on the wall, my fabric in neat piles and my wool in cubby holes. The reality is that everything is dotted around our spare bedroom, in the space that isn’t taken with drying washing!

I have my trusty sewing box which is full of the things I use most. I used to carry a small toolbox to art college, as I loved all the little compartments, and my sewing box is great for the same reason.

craft box

I still have my college toolbox (held together with a belt to avoid it spilling craft knives). I am old enough to have used Pantone markers!

college art box

I found a great way of storing embroidery thread using clothes pegs, here. I’ve now bought more thread than I have pegs, but the idea is still good.

embroidery thread

I love making things out of felt, so have lots of small scraps. I’ve put all of these into a ring-bound folder with plastic sleeves, so I can easily see what colour I am looking for.


I made my own needle case out of felt and a pin cushion to match.

pin cushion

I have a skirt coat hanger which I use to store my ribbons, Washi tapes and string. This particularly appeals to my sense of order.

ribbon holder

I am way overdue a further organise, starting with a case for my knitting needles (currently in my sock drawer), maybe with a pocket for crochet hooks? Time to head back to the craft shop!

Thanks for reading.