Nursery to boy’s room

Over the years, I have had great fun decorating my son’s room and making bits and pieces to go in it.


mural and mobile

Even though I knew I was going to have a boy, I wanted the nursery to be gender neutral. I love lots of colour, so decided to paint a mural on the wall. I chose to do a tree with birds on the branches. The tree trunk would double up as a height chart.

I bought a selection of paint tester pots and started drawing the outline. I soon discovered that I was too pregnant to bend down far so, instead of lots of branches, it ended up being one main branch at a height I could stand up straight and paint!


Around the same time, I found some soft fabric squares in a haberdashery and made up a baby quilt. I sewed the squares together on my sewing machine and then backed it with padding and another soft fabric.

As I ended up using muslins or sleeping bags, I never did use the quilt as a quilt but it did end up being a really useful portable play mat!


I also decided to make a wall hanging for all the little bits and pieces that babies seem to need. I had some really colourful Ikea fabric which worked really well.

wall hanging


Although I loved his mural, the time came to paint over it and make the room more suitable for a boy than a baby. I found a really lovely blue for the walls and some great walls stickers from Belle and Boo.  My son isn’t a stereotypical boy (he loves his magic wand and fairy wings as much as he loves his pirate ship and castle) and I wanted his room to reflect his varied taste. I love the illustration of Oliver Jeffers and so framed a couple of images from his books to go on the wall. I found a wooden ruler height chart so I can keep a record of my giant!

boy's room

I discovered wonderful Mod Podge, from America, and had a go at decoupage. I bought a cardboard base of his initial and some antique world map wrapping paper (I was going to use old comic books but got overwhelmed looking on eBay!). I found a really helpful blog by Ladyette to show me how to do it. The end result was so successful that I made one for each of my nephews as well.


I was given a sock monkey kit for Christmas and was amazed by how easy it was (and how it really was just one pair of normal socks!). Sock Monkey now has pole position at the head of the bed, along with the other favourites.

sock monkey

I also created the Pom-pom cloud that I have blogged about here.

No doubt we will be due another transformation when he becomes obsessed with something like Angry Birds but, at the moment, he is really proud of his room and loves to play up there with his friends.

Thanks for reading.

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