Sam in the sky

Sam in the sky

“On sunny days Sam would sit and draw. Flowers, trees, anything he saw.”

Sam in the sky is a story that I had been concocting in my head for a few years. The story is about a boy who draws a hot air balloon, which then comes to life. He goes up into the clouds and meets all the people responsible for the weather.

I chose a very rhythmical writing style, as I find it much easier to read out loud, and my son likes to finish the last word on each line.

The illustration is hand-drawn with paint, fabric and photographic textures.

After illustrating it, I had it made up as a book (limited edition of 3 copies). It has been really enjoyable reading it to my son and I’m really pleased I made the effort to actually produce the book.

Here are a couple of sample pages:

Sam 1Sam 2Sam 3Sam 4

Sam in the sky now has a place in his bookcase and the story has been told.


Thanks for reading.