A friend introduced me to Pinterest a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have taken so much inspiration for everything from typography, cooking, crafts, hairstyles to decorating children’s rooms.

I love to categorise, so having the individual boards has been organising heaven for me! It’s such a shame I didn’t have it when I was planning my wedding (I did have my scrapbook of cut up wedding magazines though)! My most popular board is Kidding Around, which is all about children’s decorations.

Kidding around

As with Instagram, I follow friends and high profile creatives. I’ve taken a couple of names from Instagram and followed them here too: Smile and Wave, Elsie Larson and their friend Katie Shelton.

I have also discovered:

Jane Foster creates fantastic large pattern, graphic, vintage textile items.

Handmade Charlotte has lots of craft ideas and things to make.

Mr Printables has lots of things to make by downloading their template designs. Great ideas for children.

Beci Orpin creates artwork mainly using geometric shapes. I have a brilliant book of hers “Find & Keep”.

Brandon Lesley pins a varied mix of Graphic Design images continually.

Whether it’s looking for design ideas, something to cook for dinner or even trying to control a bad hair day, Pinterest continues to be a constant source of reference for me.

Thanks for reading.