I am a big fan of Instagram and have found it an easy way to keep thinking creatively. My iPhone has completely transformed my photography, as I now take photos wherever I go (and I’m much less shy). When I used my camera, my photography tended to be abstract close-ups, now they are much broader images with lots more in them.

Most of my photos tend to be of trees and the countryside, as that is where I spend most of my time. I am a big fan of National Trust properties and we are really fortunate to have so many near us. If we are at a loose end, we tend to go to the Winkworth Arboretum, as it is only a mile up the road. Instagram has given me the opportunity to be someone different than a Mum.

Originally my profile name was Trodonasmartie but I have recently changed to Mytealgiraffe to tie in with this blog. Neither name has any deep meaning!

I have found some really interesting people to follow from all around the world with a variety of photographic styles and have found them all very inspiring. Some of the people I follow are friends, others are like-minded strangers and others are very high profile creatives. Here are a few of my favourite high profilers:

Elsie Larson (ElsieLarson) is a creative genius and also a really savvy business woman. She designs interiors, makes cocktails, does photography tutorials, creates hairstyles, does an assortment of crafts, has a vintage clothes shop and more!

Rachel Denbow (Smileandwave) also seems to be constantly creating a variety of different things, while making time to do interesting things with her children. At the moment she is making and selling woven wall hangings.

Theron Humphrey (thiswildidea) is a photographer who decided to travel across all 50 American States in 365 days. He adopted Maddie from a dog shelter and discovered she loved balancing on things. It was great to follow their adventures and I bought the book he created at the end of the journey.

Mary Kate McDevitt (Marykatemcdevitt) is fantastic at hand-drawn type. She is becoming more and more well known and has just released another book. I’ve found her really inspiring and it is on my project list to have a go at decorative hand-drawn type myself.

Paul Octavious (Pauloctavious) is an amazing professional photographer. He takes really unusual photos and I especially love his portraits.

When I started on Instagram, I followed the Photo A Day Challenge set by Fatmumslim. This was great to give me a theme for my photography. Based on this idea, I set up a March Colour of the Day Challenge, with a colour assigned to each day. I had a few other IGers join me with the challenge and the end results looked great.

Here is the challenge:


Here are a couple of the colours:


I continue to enjoy Instagram even though, for some, it has become a contest to collect followers!

Thanks for reading.