Monster Halloween costume

trick or treat

I love dressing up and tend to get a bit carried away when it comes to costumes. However, I have learned a couple of important lessons about children’s Halloween parties: firstly, that the other mothers aren’t likely to be dressed up (so no blue wig, black tutu and witches hat again!) and secondly, that my son won’t necessarily even want to wear the costume that I have spent so much time making!

Last Halloween I decided the best way to persuade my son to wear a costume was to base it on an item of clothing he already liked. I found an idea for a monster hooded top on Fiskar’s website and used this as inspiration. I had just discovered the wonders of the glue gun, so spent a happy morning glueing felt circles, pom-poms and googly eyes onto the top. The eyes, on the hood, were small styrofoam balls and the horns were styrofoam cones (which also made good Christmas trees!).

Here is the final result:

Monster hoodFrontBackEye

The good news was that he happily wore it Trick-or-treating (just around his little friends’ houses) and to a Halloween party (although he did need the promise of chocolate to seal the deal!).

Thanks for reading!