Learning to Knit

Rose brooch 2

Last Friday I attended an Introduction to Knitting workshop at my local craft shop, Arty Crafty. I learned to knit as a child but have never achieved more than an assortment of misshapen holey scarves. Purl has been my nemesis as it proves just how cack-handed I can be!

By the end of the session, I had a very small piece of knitting which I was really proud of. I still had a complete mental block when it came to beginning a purl row but I had learned a lot.

stage 1

I wanted to keep everything I had learned fresh in my mind, so I started practising when I got home. My first attempt started off well but then I made a hole that I couldn’t fix so I discarded this and started again!

stage 2

Second attempt and I managed a few increases and decreases.

stage 3

I decided I needed to make a Thing, so flicked through my stack of Mollie Makes and found a pattern for a Knitted Facecloth. I wasn’t necessarily sure that I needed a knitted facecloth but it seemed a good combination of stitches, and was square, so I would be able to see if it looked right pretty easily.

It went well (although I’m still not sure of its usefulness!).

Face cloth

Face cloth closeup

Arty Crafty then sent me a pattern for a Knitted Rose. They also included all the abbreviations that I would need to decipher the pattern, which was invaluable. The end result looked a bit like a worm, until it was rolled up and transformed into a really nice rose.

Rose unravelled

They then sent me the pattern for the leaf so I could finally make the Easter present I promised my Mum a month ago! Here is the final result.

Finished rose

It’s been a steep learning curve but, in under a week, I now feel confident to try following patterns.

I’m still completely cack-handed when it comes to starting a purl row!

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